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Industry Follow Group Industry Follow Group

Industry Follow Group


An essential part of the Destecs project will be guidance, advice and evaluation from interested industrial observers. We call this the Industry Follow Group (IFG). The IFG will monitor the Destecs project via regular newsletters, yealy project briefs and two workshops, in which:

  • The project’s progress will be reported and demonstrated by members of the research team;
  • Feedback and advice on strategy is given by the IFG members;
  • Solutions for challenges submitted prior to the workshop to the Destecs experts will be presented and it will be discussed to what extend the Destecs technology will be helpful;
  • Possibilities for further collaboration / information exchange are discussed.

The benefits for IFG members are timely updates on the work in Destecs, and a direct influence on the course of the project via feedback and advice. The only commitment is a willingness to participate in the briefs or workshops.

Current Members

Click on the link to see the current members of the Industry Follow Group.

Join the IFG

If your are interested to become a member of the Industry Follow Group, please send us a signed letter of support.